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02 juin 2018

Concert: Hannah Epperson (Ca) & Andre Mergenthaler (L)

Hannah Epperson

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02 juin 2018

20:00 - 23:00

Brandbau, Wiltz
12 € (6 €)
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(+352) 95 92 05 1



Hannah Epperson (Ca)

Armed with her violin, loop pedal and voice, sonic weaver Hannah Epperson arranges beautiful musical landscapes without indulgence or over-saturation. 


As a stirring solo performer and talented collaborative artist, she has joined forces with a versatile cast of collaborators across a spectrum of genres, including poet Shane Koyczan, Julianna Barwick, Porcelain Raft, We Are The City, and numerous others. Hannah's breadth as a collaborative and compositional powerhouse stems from an eclectic experiential and educational background from learning Appalachian folk tunes by ear with a cowgirl in Utah to travelling through Scandinavia and Europe as an accompanist; or from touring her solo project by sailboat with permaculturists to accompanying Flamenco dancers in Spain, before finishing her honours degree in Human Geography and representing Canada at World Championships for ultimate frisbee in 2015.

The versatile and collaborative journey of this Salt Lake City born violinist informs the creative compositions she offers in her solo projects. Hannah's unique songwriting and performance earned her one of British Columbia's Peak Performance Project awards in 2013 and international recognition as a powerful songwriter whose compositions weave classical emotion together with the raw energy of indie music. Her warm voice sits perfectly within the tone of her four acoustic strings layered together and affected electronically, evoking references to Andrew Bird turned with vocal melodies by Feist; or Owen Pallett reinterpreted by Lykke Li. Hannah’s sound crosses genres and will continue to offer various levels of musical and emotional exploration to the same listener at different times.




Andre Mergenthaler (L)

André Mergenthaler was born in Petange (Luxembourg) on February 17, 1957. After studying cello at the Musikhochschule Cologne refining his background of classical music, André Mergenthaler joined the progressive rock bands Univers Zero and Art Zoyd before starting his solo career, which ever since has earned him international renown. Mergenthaler is well known for being a passionate cellist and composer who has performed on stages around the world. Nicknamed the “Cello Poet” and the “Crazy Musician”, André Mergenthaler will take his audience to a world of magic and great virtuosity. His most intimate relationship with his beloved instrument and his famous cello loops which draw an outstanding bow from classical music to rock, jazz and experimental sounds will not fail to give his devotees goosebumps. Besides being an inveterate live performer, André Mergenthaler has recorded a couple of CDs (Musik für einen Engel, 1993 and Jubilations, 2004) and composed some fine soundtracks amongst others Freigesprochen (2006), Special Treatment (2011), Doudege Wenkel (2012), Hannah Arendt (2013), Naked Opera (2013) and Voices from Chernobyl (2016).