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08 mars 2019

Concert - Hanne Hukkelberg & Claudine Muno

Hanne Hukkelberg

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08 mars 2019

21:00 - 23:00

14 € / 6 €
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Women's Day Session:


Hanne Kukkelberg (NO / Composer / Dance Pop) & Claudine Muno(LU / Songwriter / Poetry)


Hanne Hukkelberg is hailed the ‘Big Sister of Norwegian Pop’, but Hanne Hukkelberg’s path to pop prominence was anything but conventional. The daughter of a church organist and choral director, Hukkelberg grew up surrounded by music – first starting to hum, and strum, and tap on instruments from age three. 

Raised on Norwegian liturgical psalms, and her mother’s collection of classical and Slavic staples, Hukkelberg soon broadened her musical horizons to include rock, jazz, electronic and experimental music. She performed in a variety of metal, prog rock, and free jazz ensembles, including a five-year stint with revered Norwegian doom metal band Funeral. 
Where ‘Little Things’ fed on Hukkelberg’s extensive jazz background, sophomore release ‘Rykestrasse 68’ (2006) took a delicate side-step – utilizing elements of folk and classical music, including a distinctive interpretation of ‘Break My Body’ by The Pixies, which immediately caught the attention of their manager Ken Goes: “Of the dozens and dozens of covers over the years, Hanne’s is my favourite.” The album was awarded a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen) in 2007 and released to international acclaim, with the likes of Pitchfork, The Guardian and BBC leading press plaudits. 
New album Trust out now on Propeller Recordings.


Novelist and songwriter, Claudine Muno is first and foremost an explorer. A fearless adventuress exploring the uncharted oceans and undiscovered islands of her own imagination The guitar and the pen are her navigational instruments and her band the Luna Boots are her loyal companions on this voyage. In 2010, the band released their new record “ Noctambul” which is a real toy-box of tricks. Describing her music as folk rock, though not inaccurate, hardly does justice to the broad sweep of her brush: her songs cover every ground from Americana, to chanson française to jazz. Moreover, the group contributed to the original soundtrack of the film “La Régate” in 2010, notably with the song “Avalanche”.


Doors: 20:00

Location: Brandbau
2 Gruberbeerig, Wiltz

Tickets: VVK 14 € / 6 € (Studenten)
ABK: 14 € / 8 €